Yiyoponics – Hydroponics for the Internet of Things

In early April I visited the hydroponics farm owned and operated by Louie Tepedino.  The farm is located in Teresópolis in the Brazil state of Rio de Janeiro.  Have no doubt, this is not a backyard garden.  No, it is a real commercial venture.  Louie grows over a lot of lettuce and herbs plants.  The total grow area is around 8,000 m² (about the space of 2 American football fields in an L shaped pattern). ATHydroponics_Main

Since that visit I spent a good deal of time thinking about hydroponics.  How to get started? How to grow the plants?  What automation can be applied?  Who is doing hydroponics here in the U.S. and how are they doing it?

Mainly what I decided is I can do this!