Announcing the Launch of Teton Automation

Yiyokyay LLC Celebrates the Formation of Teton Automation

1 September 2017

Jackson, WY – Today Yiyokyay LLC, an energy automation company specializing in consulting and design, announced the formation of Teton Automation as the company marks the start of it’s third year of operations.

The new organization brings with it a new logo that helps to align the company’s technology and Internet of Things focus.



“Starting this new brand kicks off the beginning of an exciting time for Yiyokyay LLC.  Now that we have the proper systems and processes in place we wanted to charge hard into developing products and services that will make an impact in the Internet of Things,” said Roger Watson, president and founder of Yiyokyay LLC.

To get headed on the road to the IoT the new division will soon be announcing details of the Wurx line of IoT products.

“Our Teton Automation slogan – Making Grand Things – pulls together three concepts the which will drive the organization.  We want to become a leader in the Maker movement and Internet of Things marketplace.  Our inspiration and drive is nurtured by the grandeur and beauty of our Jackson Hole base and the Teton Range including the Grand Teton  the second highest peak in the U.S.,” Watson added.

For more information, visit the Teton Automation website.

About Yiyokyay LLC

Yiyokyay focuses on products and services – somewhat niche in nature – which satisfy the needs of the client markets. Yiyokyay is an LLC wholly owned by Roger Watson and based in Jackson, WY. The Yiyokyay management philosophy is based on integrity, respect and grit. The Yiyokyay is a process-centric solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry. Yiyokyay leverages core competencies in the areas for automation, business process improvement and innovation.