Welcome to …

The Yiyo of Things

For this inaugural post of Yiyo Things we will introduce you to who we are, what we do and where we are headed.

Yiyo Things is the blog of Yiyokyay, LLC.  Yiyokyay was founded in 2014 by Roger Watson.  Mr. Watson has more than 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.  His specific expertise is in pipeline automation design, installation, commissioning and support.  From 1980 to 2007 he was a SCADA field support engineer at Colonial Pipeline Company reaching the position of Consulting Engineer (the very first employee in that organization to be titled such).  In June 2007 he departed CPC to become a member in a business management consultancy.  After 6 ½ working on client project teams for such clients as Crosstex Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Valero Energy Partners, Transpetro, Petrobras, Petrohawk and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners he resigned his membership in order to form Yiyokyay.

At Yiyokyay Mr. Watson will apply career spanning core competencies and subject matter expertise by providing business operations and improvement initiatives consulting, project resource staffing, client staff augmentation services.  Along with that Yiyokyay will produce design documentation for Beliza line of consumer energy management products and industrial PIPEX line of products slated for introduction in 2015.  Yiyokyay will explore the world of the internet of things.

You may be wondering why the Yiyo of Things?  If you are thinking about the “Internet of Things” then you are correct.  This isn’t new to Yiyokyay.  In 1980,  first projects of his first job in the real world was installing 1970’s vintage mini-computers (Lockheed Mac-16 in this case) in pipeline terminals reporting back to the central control room.  The only difference between now and back then and way back then before that is size and dollars.  Smaller devices with far more capability for less money.  This will be one of the leveraging aspects for Yiyokyay.

In between all this work comes fun.  Yiyokyay is based in Jackson, Wyoming  with support offices in Atlanta, Ga and Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.  From time to time we travel between the offices and other interesting places in the world.  We plan to tell you about those travels.

That’s all for this first post.  Until next time.

Yippee!  Yippee Yiyokyay!